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Did You Know?

USC is full of fun facts!  Here are a few favorites:

  • USC, LLC. is the only company to design, engineer, manufacture and install complete treating systems.
  • USC treaters and bulk seed systems are controlled by one, user-friendly touch screen panel.
  • USC treaters and bulk seed systems are accurate and efficient. USC’s patented atomizer and automated controls ensure accurate coverage is achieved and maintained.
  • USC offers a fully-calibratable system with features including a seed metering wheel, chemical flow meter, error alarms and many more. These added value items set USC products in a class of their own.
  • The LPX2000, the industry’s best-selling treater, combined with patented Tri-Flo® technology, sets USC apart by offering the most innovative, compact and user-friendly systems in the industry.
  • USC manufactures a full line of Tube Series conveyors designed to move seed without damage, reduce dust and virtually eliminate spillage.
  • USC’s customized approach offers a range in treater and control system pricing. As a result, a wide variety of product combinations are guaranteed to work within any budget.
  • USC works with any seed or chemical company; big or small, new or mature. USC prides itself on providing customized seed treating solutions for any operation.
  • USC automation has built-in reporting capabilities to track amount of seed treated and ounces of chemical used.
  • USC’s modular designs and upgradable systems keep up with any growing business!