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Equipment Glossary

Treating A to Z

Seed treating equipment may seem complicated. This glossary helps straighten things out with common treating terms.

Watch the complete treating process in the QuickClip below:


equipment glossary picsAgitation Unit – Located on top of the chemical storage tank, it is a motor attached to a set of paddles submerged in the treatment chemicals. It is designed to provide, slow, continuous rotation of the paddles to keep the chemicals in suspension, and maintain chemical consistency.

equipment glossary pics longAtomizing Chamber – The area where seed treatment chemicals are applied. Located beneath the seed wheel, the place where the atomizer head is located.

“Easy Access” Atomizing Chamber Release – A patented release mechanism that allows the atomizing chamber to be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance of the atomizing head, motor and bearings.

Atomizer Head – Located in the atomizing chamber, it applies the chemical(s) to the stream of seed coming from the seed wheel located above it. Chemicals are pumped into the top of the atomizer head from pump stands or mix tanks. Spinning at 1725 rpm’s,  the patented design allows precise, even chemical distribution onto the seed.

equipment glossary pics3 Automated Control Panel – Used on an automated seed treater, all functions of the seed treatment process are controlled from this 12-inch color touch screen. In bin site applications, it is used to control all aspects of the seed treatment process and the bin site control sequences.

equipment glossary pics2Calibration Tube – A clear, see through graduated cylinder, attached to the pump stand, used as a manual method to check flow rates of chemicals being pumped by the peristaltic pump, and to check flow meter accuracy.

Chemical Filter – Located at the bottom of each tank, it is used to filter out large particulate matter in the chemical solution that is being pumped through the system to the atomizer head. It helps keep the chemicals flowing and helps stop obstructions in the atomizer head for consistent chemical flow.

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Flow Meter – An electronic device designed to show the rate of flow of the liquid chemical products being transferred from the pump stand to the atomizer head. Usually shown in “ounces per minute”. It provides a higher degree of accuracy to insure proper chemical application rates of the seed treatment chemicals. It is available in a volumetric flow design and a mass flow design.

equipment glossary pics5Horizontal Drum – Seed enters the drum from the atomizing chamber, coated with seed treatment chemicals. The drum has paddles installed lengthwise, in a staggered pattern, that are designed to gently lift and move the seed as the drum turns. This is where final chemical distribution and polishing occurs on the seed. The USC drum is completely adjustable for rotational speed.

equipment glossary pics long2Parker Fitting – An industry standard fitting used on bulk seed treatment chemical storage kegs. It is supplied on the USC U-Tote pump stand to allow hook up to the USC system

Peristaltic Pump – Located on the pump stand to pump chemicals from the pump stand to the atomizer head. Peristaltic pumps use rotating rollers that “push” or “squeeze” fluids through a hose delivering them through the static mix tube. USC pump stands have 1 to 3 heads, depending upon chemical flow rates required by the treatment chemical supplier.

Pump Stand – A storage and distribution container for seed treatment chemicals. All USC pump stands are fully configurable to meet the customer’s requirements.

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Portable Seed Treater – Everything to treat seed on wheels. Includes a gooseneck or bumper hitch trailer with a 65-unit seed hopper, inlet conveyor, LPX model seed treater with seed wheel, and an outlet conveyor. This specialty treater is the perfect solution for on-site treating, and the lengthy list of standard and optional features are designed to cater to this unique niche of seed treatment providers.

equipment glossary pics bigSeed Metering Wheel – Designed to simplify calibration and improve seed flow accuracy, USC’s seed metering wheel rotates and captures identical amounts of seed in each pocket before dispensing for treatment. Spend less time worrying about differences in seed size and type. Located on top of a USC seed treater, it is fully adjustable and controllable from the seed treater control panel.

Seed Treater – the LPX models combine the most innovative technology with the most popular seed treater on the market. The LPX Series is USC’s next generation of seed treaters and utilizes a modular design allowing customers to fully customize a treater based on exact needs. Add multiple tanks and accessories any time, making the LPX a perfect treater to grow alongside any treating business.

Tri-Flo® Continuous Scale Hopper – is the most innovative, compact, bulk-weighing system in the industry. Tri-Flo® technology boasts a true continuous flow scale hopper system with a 3-Hopper design that processes and weighs 1,800 pounds per minute of soybeans with one control; it can be configured as an above treater or as a floor mount model.

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Seed Series Conveyors – designed with seed in mind. Seed trays gently transport seed without pinching, damaging or contaminating.

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Vibrating Hopper – Pre-stage treated seed coming from the seed treater; vibrating unit breaks up bridged material allowing constant flow of product into a box. Operate directly from forklift with swing-out control panel.