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What Others Have to Say About USC:

We’ve encountered and acquired so many amazing compliments and stories over the years from large corporations, small companies and individual farmers. Here are some of our favorites.


"The USC seed conditioner was a great asset to our treating business in 2015! Having the ability to load treated soybeans directly on to our customer’s tenders helped our efficiency tremendously!

It decreased our need to handle our treated soybeans a second time before loading on to our customer’s tenders. The soybeans were less tacky after passing through the conditioner which made it very convenient for us.

This was a great investment to our business! We handled our treated soybeans one less time, and they were not tacky for our customers. We were able to be more efficient in our treating process and our customers really liked the fact that their soybeans were not sticky going into their tenders.

From the first use of the USC Seed Conditioner, it was easy to see we were going to like it. It made our treating go much more smoothly. We were able to load soybeans directly on to customer’s tenders which made less handling on the soybeans. Great product and well worth the investment!"

Dusty Neugebauer, 266 Ag Service LLC - Reading, MN

“USC has always impressed me with good, honest people to stand behind really good equipment. I’ve built a great relationship over the years with USC, they’re sensitive to the needs of the customer and when something needs to be done or improved, they’re very willing to do it. I’ve been in the seed business for over 40 years, and USC is a true success story – it’s good to be a part of it!”

John Howard, Howard Seed - Hiawatha, Kansas