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Food and Feed Coating Systems

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Pet Food

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Snack Food

Stainless Steel Mix Tank

Pump Tank

USC’s stainless steel and poly Pump Stands options are the premier in the industry designed to be a simple liquid addition to any operation with complete accuracy, ensuring applications aren’t wasted.

LPX 2000


The USC specialty line of food and feed Coaters are designed to streamline the coating process.

Atomizer and Nevulizer

Atomizer & Nebulizer

USC’s patented Atomizer & Nebulizer are designed to accurately and efficiently apply product during the coating process.

Weight Welt

Metering Devices

Our Metering Devices have revolutionized the food and feed process, making it more accurate, efficient and user friendly.

Automation Controls

Automation Controls

We offer Automation Packages that generate a constant and complete flow of information giving you the ability to control your process with precision and placing a higher level of efficiency to your operation.