Pump Tanks

USC’s stainless steel and poly Pump Stands’ options are the premier in the industry designed to be a simple liquid addition to any operation with complete accuracy, ensuring applications aren’t wasted. Pump stands come standard with a motor and slow turn agitation paddles.

Pump Stands

  • Stainless steel tanks available in 30, 60, 100, and 250 gallon sizes
  • Poly tanks available in 15, 30 and 60 gallon sizes
  • Choose from manual, semi-automated or fully-automated controls
  • Choose a volumetric flow meter with calibration tube or mass flow meter
  • Tanks come with or without agitator
  • Peristaltic pump with up to 3 heads easily adjusts for low and high flow rates
  • Heated tank options with jacketed steam bottom with temperature control
  • Standard disconnect switch
  • 4" liquid filter
  • Optional two-wheel cart on all poly tanks
  • Optional scale below tank
  • Stationary or forklift pockets for easy transportation
  • 8' cord with 115 volts 15 amp plug on 100-gallon tanks and smaller
  • Motor options include: 115V, 230V 1PH or 3PH, 460V 3PH and 575V 3PH
  • Optional removable agitator on 250-gallon stainless steel tank for easier disassembly and cleaning

Volumetric Flow Meter

Volumetric Flow Meter

More affordable unit recommended when viscosity/density of liquid does not change.

  • Mounts to side of coater or pump stand
  • Flow meters save time, money and assures accuracy
  • Provides ability to monitor liquids being applied
  • Can be added to existing systems

Vortex Pump Stands

250-Gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank

Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meter

Recommended for situations when viscosity/density of liquids will change.

  • Extremely accurate with all liquids

30 Gallon Poly Mix Tank

30-Gallon Poly Mix Tank

Stainless Steel Mix Tank

100-Gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank