LPV Treater: Setting a New Standard in Treating Technology

Sabetha, Kansas – August 29, 2014

For over fifteen years, USC has brought innovative solutions to the downstream treating market, and the new LPV seed treater will not disappoint! If you thought seed treaters had peaked from a technological standpoint, think again – the LPV is just another example of how USC products have continually set the bar within the industry.

LPV Treater

LPV Treater

The LPV’s revolutionary design offers more diversified weighing and metering options that are more accurate, efficient and economical. Interested in a Seed Metering Wheel or Tri-Flo® for continuous treating? Done. What about Loss in Weight for a complete box-to-box configuration? No problem. Maybe even a Weight Belt for smaller grains? You got it. The LPV is the only treater designed to handle all three metering options, but the re-engineering didn’t stop there.

The standard 42” tilting drum ranges from -5 to +2 degrees making the cleaning process easier and faster – 15-seconds – than ever. With a lower head height, the LPV easily fits under a 16.5’ building, and even with a larger drum, the treater actually requires a smaller footprint, giving extra room at the discharge area. The discharge difference between the LPV and USC’s best-selling series, the LPX, is simple: the LPV’s discharge is level, allowing for better coverage at the beginning of a run, a more consistent coating during and a more natural drying experience at the end, giving a perfectly polished batch of seed.

The most trusted name in seed treating technology with the most economical and innovative treater on the market introduces the LPV Series as the premier choice for any seed business:

  • The LPV boasts three proven weighing methods: Seed Metering Wheel, Loss in Weight and Weight Belt.
  • Fits under 16.5’ building.
  • 8’ long, 42” wide tilting drum ranges from -5 to +2 degrees.
  • Quickest cleanout: within 15 seconds
  • 17” wider frame offers more stability for stacking boxes, plus no need to ‘flip’ boxes between emptying and filling.
  • Adjustable chamber controls the flow of seed, unlike any other treater, allows for a more consistent flow.
  • Patented sleeve controls seed as it enters atomizer, giving a more accurate metering solution.
  • Atomizer stays level at all times, not tilting with treater.
  • Runs on a more horizontal plane, giving each run a more natural opportunity for coating and drying.
  • Extra 3 to 4-feet around discharge gives more room for cleanout, positioning and conveyor logistics.

USC started with a simple idea: keep the customer in mind. From the beginning, USC has always put the customer first with leading innovations in seed technology, prompt support and service and above all, working to keep overhead low to sell a competitive product. “USC has always impressed me with good, honest people to stand behind really good equipment. I’ve built a great relationship over the years with USC; they’re sensitive to the needs of the customer and when something needs to be done or improved, they’re very willing to do it. I’ve been in the seed business for over 40 years, and USC is a true success story – it’s good to be a part of it!” John Howard, Owner, Howard Seed in Hiawatha, Kansas.

About the company: Based in Northeastern Kansas, USC is a leading international manufacturer of custom seed treating equipment, and the only full service operation of its kind, priding itself on true craftsmanship and seeking out the best in the business. In-house welders, fabricators, assemblers, mechanical and electrical engineers, control panel technicians, product development teams, training and installation crews, and a national sales force allows USC to stand alone in the seed treating industry. USC is a pioneer in seed treatment manufacturing and the solutions created over the last fifteen years have fundamentally shaped the industry itself. USC is committed to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry by providing top-of-the-line, innovative and user-friendly products for any-sized business to implement, grow with and learn from.


Contact: Sarah Owens
Marketing Manager, USC, LLC.
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