LPX300: Latest Addition to USC’s LPX Series

LPX2000 Infographic

Sabetha, Kansas – When Jim and Andy Renyer developed the original seed treater over 14 years ago, no one imagined over 5,000 would be operating today. The patented atomizer helped USC become a pioneer in seed treatment technology, accuracy and sustainability.

Now, USC has added to the LPX family with the introduction of the LPX300. The difference? The LPX300 is designed for smaller capacities. This treater processes seeds up to 300 lbs./min. with a slightly smaller atomizing chamber and re-designed seed metering wheel to compensate. The same patented technology and accessibility are features of the LPX300’s atomizing chamber and atomizer.

Similar to the 2000 model, its modular design allows users to fully customize based on exact needs; choose from three drum sizes, manual or fully-automated versions, and the ability to control up to eight pump stands. Add multiple tanks and accessories any time, making any LPX a perfect treater to grow alongside any operation.

The combination of quality, accuracy and modularity makes the LPX Series the choice of any seed business:

  • Processes up to 300 lbs./min.
  • Great for using after seed cleaner
  • Proportionately smaller pockets in Seed
  • Metering Wheel (SMW)
  • 13” Atomizing Chamber with patented atomizer accurately coats each seed
  • Real-time auto correcting of pump(s) and SMW
  • Automatic reporting capabilities
  • More standard features than competition:
    • Quick connect chemical port behind atomizer
    • 4-port quick connect chemical manifold with static mixer mounted to side of treater
    • 13” easy slide out atomizer chamber
    • Telescoping forklift pockets
  • User-friendly touch screen controls

Contact: Sarah Owens

Marketing Manager, USC, LLC.
2320 124th Road
Sabetha, Kansas 66534