USC Tube Conveyors Designed with Seed in Mind

Sabetha, Kansas – August 29, 2014

USC may be known for developing and bringing the first seed treater to market, but anyone who knows anything about seed treatment realizes the importance of a quality conveyor to transport seed carefully without damage. USC’s conveyors have always played a critical role in the gentle movement of seed in facilities across the country, but last month’s release of the new Tube Series (TS) conveyor line definitely got people within the seed industry talking.

Aside from offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty on all TS conveyor belts, USC improved upon one key component found in all conveyors: the decline/incline of the belt, making this conveyor more structurally sound, while at the same time, preserving the integrity of the conveyor’s primary function to move seed gently. The TS conveyor combine the gentleness of USC’s SS Series with the traditional stability of a tube-style conveyor, creating the only tube conveyor designed with seed in mind. Seed is safer in USC’s unique seed trays, and unlike competitor’s tube conveyors with multiple pinch points, the TS2500 and TS3500 boast increased capacities with the same belt width making it more efficient than the competition.

TS Conveyor

TS Conveyor

The dependable and affordable features of this line, combined with how gentle and efficient the Tube Series conveyors are, makes an ideal solution for any seed operation:

  • Re-designed belt eliminates pinch points generally created in other tube-style conveyors
  • TS conveyors have increased capacity with same belt width
  • Increased structural stability on 40’+ lengths
  • Most gentle conveyor designed specifically for seed
  • Standard 18-month warranty on conveyor
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty on conveyor belt
  • Built-in towing hitch for easy portability

About the company: Based in Northeastern Kansas, USC is a leading international manufacturer of custom seed treating equipment, and the only full service operation of its kind, priding itself on true craftsmanship and seeking out the best in the business. In-house welders, fabricators, assemblers, mechanical and electrical engineers, control panel technicians, product development teams, training and installation crews, and a national sales force allows USC to stand alone in the seed treating industry. USC is a pioneer in seed treatment manufacturing and the solutions created over the last fifteen years have fundamentally shaped the industry itself. USC is committed to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry by providing top-of-the-line, innovative and user-friendly products for any-sized business to implement, grow with and learn from.

Contact: Sarah Owens
Marketing Manager, USC, LLC.
2320 124th Road
Sabetha, Kansas 66534