LPX Manual Upgrade

Part No. 03-04-0153

This upgrade for LPX Manual works for treaters with touch screen controls. With a new seed flow rate calculator, liquid flow rate calculator, run timer and the ability to run in metric mode of operation, this program upgrade is full of features to make treating easier than ever!


Seed Flow Rate Calculator in pounds or SCU’s (Seed Count Units)

  • Eliminates need for Excel spreadsheet to calculate seed wheel speed and calibrate seed wheel
    • Added functionality to easily calculate seed wheel speed when treating seed by SCU’s
    • Update calibration settings with the push of a button
    • Able to save calibration for up to seven different seed types

Liquid Flow Rate Calculator in Oz/CWT or Oz/SCU

  • On-board calculator for determining pump flow rate setting
  • For up to 4 different pump stands

Seed Wheel Speed Set point in RPM

  • Simplifies process of setting seed wheel speed

Run Timer

  • Provides on-board method of timing length of run for seed wheel calibration
  • No need for manually timing seed flow though treater with a stop watch

Metric Mode of Operation

  • Easily switch from Standard to Metric mode of operation

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