RIB Custom Blending – Double

Part No. 13-04-0168

Inspired by USC’s signature seed metering wheel, the RIB Wheel has captured the attention of experts industry-wide. Described by industry experts as the best system they’ve ever seen, USC’s RIB technology is the most simple, accurate, economical and user-friendly product on the market. U-RIB is configurable for any operation allowing anyone to accurately, and affordably, blend seed!

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  • Independent calibration with up to 7 different seed type settings
  • Convenient reporting capabilities: save up to 100 reports
  • Most affordable RIB/blending option on the market
  • U-RIB’s compact design works with any operation
  • Run RIB wheels together or independently
  • No more dumping, layering or inaccurately blending seed
  • Includes mounting stand, diverter and calibration accessories

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