Weighing & Metering Devices

Metering Wheel Illustration

Metering Wheel

Our Metering Wheel was designed to simplify calibration to improve product flow to all USC coaters and treaters. It mounts to the hopper of the coater where it rotates and captures identical amounts of product in each pocket before dispensing for coating. This is a very inexpensive way to meter product where the density of the product is consistent.

  • Intended for dry product application
  • Simplifies calibration and improves product flow
  • Metering wheel rotates and captures identical amounts of product in each pocket before dispensing for application
  • Variable speed motor
  • Complete stainless steel option
  • Product contact area stainless steel option

Weight Belt

USC’s signature weight belt is a great option for all products. It is especially needed when product density can change or has flow issues. When a high level of accuracy is needed, the USC’s weight belt can deliver. The weight belt comes with a food grade belt providing years of worry-free life.

  • Triple load cells
  • Actuator product gate for flow control
  • Air operated slide gate above actuator option
  • Option complete stainless steel frame
  • Variable feed rate

Weight Belt

Loss in Weight System

Loss in Weight

The USC’s LIW system is the ultimate metering device when accuracy is needed at the highest level. With its top-of-the-line Servo control system and constant in-run gate, adjustments ensure correct flow rate is met and maintained. The gate has over 20,000 positions moving to any position within 2 seconds. USC’s LIW system is only available with their fully automated control system.

  • Adjustable and automatic calibration
  • Direct coater to start/stop pumps with adjustable start and stop timers
  • Floor or over coater configurations
  • Quick in-run dry flow calibration
  • Run in gate percent, lbs./minutes or kgs./minutes
  • Compatible with LPX or LPV coaters