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FLXTOR Transformer

FLXTOR Transformer
FLXTOR Transformer

Flxtor® is the only Dealer-to-Grower bulk seed delivery system designed to move treated seed without the use of bulk bags or pro boxes. USC’s Flxtor® line improves seed handling efficiencies after treating the seed by going directly into the Flxtor® system. Flxtor® Transformer, Seed Pods and Seed Pod Shuttle work together, providing convenience for storing seed in weatherproof pods with the flexibility to move pods anytime, anywhere.

  •  Deliver seed to any location as dictated by the farmer
  •  Hydraulically-controlled conveyor gives full 180-degree swing
  •  Triple axle sub-frame allows even weight distribution
  •  Hydraulic push slides the conveyor under the bin for no-mess cleanout
  •  Complete with self-contained generator for out-in-the-field power
  •  Encased operation controls run the bin drop and planter delivery conveyors
  •  Part No. 13-14-0012

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