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LPX Coaters

Specialty Line of Food and Feed Coaters, Designed to Streamline the Coating Process
LPX 2000
HOA display

The LPX combines the most innovative technology with the most popular coater on the market. Boasts a continuous flow modular design with a variable speed rotary drum, a quick release, slide-out atomizing chamber for hands-free inspection, and a user-friendly touch screen control panel. The LPX is completely configurable with optional features including a nebulizer, weight belt and drum size.

LPX Standard Features
  • 8-ft. variable speed drum
  • Quick connect liquid port behind atomizer
  • Quick connect manifold located on side of the coater
  • Quick release (patented) stainless steel 16-inch atomizer chamber
  • Drum view window
  • Offsetting drum-mixing paddles
  • Metering wheel (MW)
LPX Options
  • Drum lengths also available in 6-ft. or 10-ft.
  • 20-in or 30-in carbon or stainless steel nebulizer chamber
  • 13-in or 16-in carbon or stainless steel atomizer chamber
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Fully-automated controls
  • Weight belt or LIW system
  • Extention ring 6-in or 12-in
  • Power options: 230V 1PH, 230V 3PH, 380V 3PH, 460V 3PH, 575V 3PH