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Field Loader

Designed with the user in mind, USC’s patented Field Loader (FL) conveyor brings convenience, ease of use and safety features together in a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind conveyor.

trailing undercarriage
Field Loader

Customize USC’s FL conveyor to your specific needs. Offered in 35’, 40’ and 45’ lengths, with multiple power and material options, this field loader is the perfect addition to your
operation. As always, USC provides industry leading products with seed in mind and catered to the end user. Choose from trailing or standard undercarriage in stainless or carbon steel,
as well as tube material options of stainless or carbon steel. With it’s unique design and power options to back it up, you’ll stand out in style with USC’s signature cobalt FL conveyor.

Check the latest videos on USC's Field Loaders.

Trailing undercarriage option video here.

Field Loader Series video here.


  • Tube style design.
  • 7,500 bu/hr at 20 degree incline.
  • 35’, 40’, and 45’ available lengths.
  • 10HP Farm Duty electric motor or gas powered hydraulic pack.
  • 4” rollers allows for less amp draw.
  • Wide collapsible inlet hopper.
  • Easily operate and move.
  • Long wheel base for superior stability.
  • Slick-back chevron belting minimizes friction.
  • Adjustable inlet and outlet heights accommodate hopper and bin heights.
  • Standard Undercarriage
  • Stainless or Carbon Steel Tube
  • Stainless or Carbon Steel Undercarriage
  • Multiple Power Options
  • Trailing Undercarriage
    • Optional wireless remote for wheel hydraulics.
    • Easily back-up under a semi or bulk bin.
    • Hydraulics on wheels allow lowering of tail section.
    • Tow from discharge end for easier conveyor inlet placement.