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Configurable Seed Treating Equipment: What You Need to Know

Increase operational ROI with configurable equipment, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Seed and treatment companies agree that accuracy, efficiency and consistency during each run are the most important factors when considering seed treating and handling equipment purchases. There are two options to consider: configurable and non-configurable equipment. The difference?

Configurable equipment grows alongside the operation as the business grows – increasing the overall return on investment, whereas non-configurable equipment has a shelf life – it does not grow along with…

USC's Field Loader Conveyor: Designed with Seed in Mind

USC’S Feature-Packed Field Loader Conveyor Preferred for Gentle Handling of Seed and Fertilizer

Once again, USC has developed and blessed the industry with an intuitive product that speaks directly to their customers. The Field Loader (FL) Conveyor Series is the latest addition to the company’s expansive product line, and marks USC’s official entrance to the field and fertilizer application and handling category. To say it has been well-received by those in the field would be an understatement:

“This conveyor exceeded my customer’s expectations. It’s…

Innovation In Treating: Industry Leader. Industry Innovator.

Why USC’s Drive To Continually Innovate Has Positioned The Company As The Industry’s Equipment Leader For 20+ Years.

USC takes pride in continued efforts to partner and collaborate with seed and treatment companies industry-wide, bringing the most innovative, user-friendly and affordable products to operations across the country and spanning the globe. For more than 20 years, USC has researched, developed and improved upon equipment ensuring each customer benefits from their investment. Innovations over the past year include the release of the LPX LITE Automation…

Seed Treater Technology 101: What To Consider Before Investing In Equipment

Q&A with Andy Renyer, USC Founder and Owner.

As we face many unknowns in the future, one thing is certain: seed will be treated, planted and harvested throughout the seasons. And as far as treating is concerned, each operation is unique – catering to specific budgets, footprints, applications and recipes, and of course, equipment to bring it all together.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, looking to expand or consolidate facilities, determining what you need and where to start can be overwhelming. We sat down with Andy…

USC's LPX LITE Treating System

USC's LPX LITE treating system brings affordability and straight-forward automation together to create the most efficient, over all user experience. Follow the link over to our youtube page to check out our latest video on how this LITE weight treating system has the flexibility to make your treating operation simple. 

Video link:

To read more about this system:

USC's LPX LITE Named Finalist for New Product of the Year

For 13 years, AgPro has recognized innovation that impacts ag retail, by hosting the readers’ choice New Product of the Year.

Read about each of these 10 finalists, and then, cast your vote for the 2019 New Product of the Year. The deadline to vote is Jan. 1, 2020.

To qualify, each product had to be available for stocking or preorders for the 2019 season and be specifically focused for use or sale by AgPro readers—retailers, agronomists and crop consultants. Products can range from inputs, machinery, technology or other categories.

AgPro staff do not solicit entries…