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Atomizer and Nebulizer

Slideout Chamber

USC’s patented Atomizer and Nebulizer are designed to accurately and efficiently apply product during the coating process. They give complete, consistent coverage with a perfectly-coated result.


Patented Atomizer Chamber

The Atomizer is used to apply liquids to dry solids in a continuous flow process. Instead of spray nozzles, the Atomizer spins at a high RPM to consistently apply liquid. Adjustable cone disks above allow the dry product to create a 360-degree curtain around the Atomizer. Especially suited to using liquids that have suspended solids such as fat or sugar and salt slurries. Available in 13-in. or 16-in. carbon or stainless steel.

Atomizer & Nebulizer Advantages

The most common applications for both Atomizer and Nebulizer are to apply fat, flavorings, mold inhibitors and enzymes to pet food, aqua feed or any animal feeds. Great for food products including snacks, nuts and breakfast cereals.

  • No plugged spray nozzles
  • Less back pump pressure helps components last longer 
  • Cleaner system compared to spray nozzles: liquids are contained and applied in the chamber at low pressure, creating a cleaner environment around the coater



Rather than the adjustable cone disk, the Nebulizer uses a spinning disk that the dry product falls onto that creates a 360-degree curtain distributing dry product evenly and accurately as it moves its way through the atomizer. The Nebulizer is a great choice when low percentages of liquid are being applied, consistently resulting in perfectly-coated finished product. Saves operation time and money by accurately applying liquid, not wasting or over-applying products.  Available in 20-inch or 30-inch carbon or stainless steel.