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Bin Fill Conveyor

Bin Fill Conveyor next to bins on white background

USC Conveyors are specifically designed to move seed without damage; eliminating spillage and reducing friction to increase belt life. USC’s galvanized construction provides for years of dependable use on all conveyors.

  • 16" wide cleated belt
  • 10" tube
  • 2" high cleats spaced every 6"
  • Hydraulic or electric over hydraulic lift
  • Collapsible hopper
  • 10" discharge spout


  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs/min at 30 degrees
  • Undercarriage complete with implement-type tires and wheels
  • Cleanout door at inlet for easy cleaning
  • Cleanout trap at belt return for easy cleaning
  • Built-in towing hitch for easy portability
  • 1.5" bearings