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Simple Bin Site Automation U-Treat Lite

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Keeping it Simple

USC's Simple Bin Site easily converts current seed treating equipment into a fully-functioning, bulk operation with one, simple package.

  • Customer name printed on the scale ticket for each run.
  • Includes ZM301 scale indicator, ticket printer and SBS touchscreen.
  • Provides legal for trade scale ticket.
  • Manage bin information:
    • seed variety, seed size, lot number, and bin inventory
  • Conveniently call in seed by pounds or SCU.
  • Supports up to three 5HP or 7.5HP conveyors
  • Suports up to two 5HP or 10HP reversing underbin conveyors with encoders
  • Supports up to nine bins and one manual hopper
  • Comes with Pre-Treater Diverter controls standard
  • Comes with Post Treater Diverter controls standard
  • Simple bin site and LPX U-Treat Lite can share a scale head for LIW seed metering
  • Add remote support with the U-Connect Pro add-on