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LPV Treaters

The LPV Treater from USC offers the perfect solution for treating locations that desire the best treating quality for their customers. With the robust v4.0 Automation platform they can treat seed in many challenging applications.


LPV Treater

The LPV is the only treater designed to handle all three metering options but the re-engineering didn’t stop there. The standard 42-inch tilting drum makes cleaning easier than ever, and the larger drum gives seed more opportunity to dry on its own. The lower head height allows the LPV to easily fit in existing buildings under 16.5’, and even though the drum is larger, the LPV boasts a smaller footprint with extra discharge space and better height advantages – 22″ shorter with the loss in weight configuration! The LPV’s innovative and economical design, combined with an efficient, user-friendly and configurable total system is like none other.

  • LPV boasts three proven weighing methods: Seed Metering Wheel, Loss in Weight, and Weight Belt
    • Continuous flow seed treatment
  • 8-ft. long, 42-inch wide tilting drum ranges from -5 to +2 degrees
    • Control retention time of seed
    • Consistent treatment throughout run
    • Limit excessive treatment build up
    • Control drum clean-out time
      • Customize tilting drum for start, middle, and end of the runs and let the automation take care of the rest
    • Carbon or Stainless steel options
  • Quickest cleanout:  within 15 seconds
  • Patented stainless steel atomizer chamber
    • When drum tilts, stainless steel atomizer stays level
  • Extra 3 to 4-feet around discharge gives more room for cleanout, positioning and conveyor logistics
  • Most trusted name in seed treating technology with the most economical and innovative treater on the market
  • Controlled by v4.0 U-Treat automation
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device
  • Comes standard with U-Connect pro for remote servicing options
  • Metering device options
    • Seed Wheel
    • Weigh Belt
    • LIW
      • Inlet hopper, Tri-Flo, box-to-box scale mounted on treater
  • See U-Treat and U-Connect for more automation features