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USC Verdesian FlexConnect System Kit

USC has partnered with Verdesian to provide a kit that will allow users the ability to use Verdesian's FlexConnect innoculant dispersion system.

Flex Connect
Mount on Tank

This system mounts to either a poly tank or a stainless steel mix tank with agitation and special brackets for FlexConnect trays. This keeps the inoculant pouches safe and extends the shelf life of the product.

The system's three-way valve allows the operator to draw out of a tank or directly out of the pouches, for maximum flexibility for the system and the operator. This system is adaptable to any brand of seed treating systems.  Because we always want to stay on the cutting edge and provide our customers with the latest technology we are happy to partner with Verdesian and their FlexConnect system.

  • Controlled by manual or stand-alone controls
  • Controlled by USC U-Treat System
  • Can use existing pump
  • Can use existing mix tanks or upgrade to stainless steel mix tanks