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Automated Controller Upgrade

For Manual Style Treaters

Screenshot of Automated Controller Upgrade Interface
conveyor option layout
Upgrade Your Accuracy

The automated control panel is a great upgrade solution to fit into your current manual setup. The controller will automate seed metering by a seed wheel or loss-in-weigh and automate up to four pumps. The automation will continuously track and correct both seed and chemistry flow rates to ensure even application of chemistry on the seed.

  • Easy to operate solution, using the convenience of your existing manual treater*
  • Adds automation to your seed and chemistry metering equipment by controlling your seed wheel or loss-in-weigh and up to 4 pumps
  • Will control the seed wheel (USC or Bayer seed wheel) or loss-in-weigh with automation
  • Support treating by hundred weight or seed count units
  • Control existing or new seed wheel (Seed wheel sold separately) or loss-in-weigh
  • Will control up to 4 pump stands
  • Control existing USC pumps or new PS4 pump stands
  • Use with DC pumps only
  • Pump stand will require new or existing IFM flow meter (flow meter sold separately)
  • Will tie-in your inlet conveyor control wiring
  • Controls the drum, atomizer, mix tank motor, inlet and outlet conveyors
*Compatible with LP, LPH, and LPX manual style treaters as well as most other manual treater brands.