Manual Dry Additive Feeder

Manual version of the dry additive feeder designed for easily repeatable accuracy and digital read outs for precise motor control. 

Manual Dry Additive Feeder on Treater

Stirring arms located at the bottom of the hopper provide continuous agitation while the new dispersion screen (on drum models) allows for more even coverage by sifting product onto the seed. The simple design allows for quick and easy calibration while the 90v variable speed motor provides variable flow ranges maximizing versatility.

  • AT500 mount has a 2" diameter, 1' auger for metering.
  • Drum mount has a 2" diameter 4' auger for metering. Comes with dispersion screen, calibration port, mounting stand and treater door.
  • Hand-Off-Auto control toggle. Aux cord for auto control from treater.
  • Digital read out with 10 turn dial for precise motor control.


  • Includes 0.9 cu ft galvanaized hopper
  • Auger allows for easily repeatable accuracy.
  • Operates off of 120 volts.
  • Includes 90v DC variable speed motor