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Semi-Automated 1 Pump Controller (PS1)

Designed to be a simple addition to any seed treatment operation with either loss in weight metering or flow metering options.

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A Touch of Automation

The semi-automated 1 pump controller is the ideal tank to add if you are looking for a single tank with automation on the chemical metering for a manual treater. This tank comes with an auxillary plug to connect directly to your USC treater to tie into the auto feature. It is powered by 120v.

The option for loss in weight chemical metering has now been added to the semi-automated 1-pump controller line.  LIW scale options available include a 2’ x 2’ platform scale or a 4’ x 4’ platform scale.  The controller will allow LIW functionality to give you auto calibration and the ability to input density, all while providing high accuracy chemical metering.

These LIW stands can be utilized with manual treaters, automated treaters, CTHC’s, or AT treaters.

  • 7” HMI C70

  • U-Treat LITE software platform

  • Comes with auxiliary plug to tie into treater’s auto feature

  • Various configurable options available for tanks, chemical flow metering and ranges, floor or box mount, and various tote connections

  • Includes a Cardinal 201 scale indicator with optional 2x2 or 4x4 platform scale


  • Includes batch mode (the ability to run pump at “x” rate for “x” seconds)

  • Includes direct translation mode (the ability to enter “x” oz/min in lieu of inputting the treating rate and allowing the controller to do the math)

  • Includes manual mode (the ability to run in % speed or to run to a specified target rate)