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LPX Lite Makes Full Automation Affordable

It combines innovation and customization that typically comes with a bigger price tag.

LPX U-Treat Lite Treater

LPX Lite utilizes the latest in industrial software and hardware solutions. By investing in these tools, we can collect and analyze live data rapidly to make accurate adjustments. With automated start, run, and end sequences, runs are highly repetitive by removing the opportunity for mistakes to be made during operations. Gone are the days of the operator hunting and pecking for system input data. The Start Wizard simplifies the information needed for the operator to complete an order. With our Start Wizard, input data is organized into a quick access format to reduce pre-run set-up time.

  • Automates up to four volumetric metering pump stands
  • Automates seed metering with Seed Wheel or Loss in Weight gate
  • Supports up to 500 customers, seed profiles, chemistry profiles, and recipes
  • Saves up to 5,000 reports viewable on-screen or downloadable to .csv file
  • Features a 10” touchscreen for easy operation
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device
  • Increased flexibility for auxiliary devices with two sets of independent controls
  • Includes our patented stainless-steel atomizer chamber
  • USC offers 6’ and 8’ drums for seed coating

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