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Flow Meter - Mass (423.15 KB)
CTHC Info Sheet(1009.15 KB)
Tri-Flo with Servo(428.41 KB)
Tube Series 2500(750.41 KB)
Tube Series 3500(750.33 KB)


AT and ST (581.55 KB)
AT500 2018-2019(2.38 MB)
AT500 2019-2020(6.08 MB)
AT500H Auto(1.54 MB)
AT500H Auto(766.4 KB)
AT500H Manual(634.53 KB)
AT500H Manual(1.3 MB)
Batch Treater(404.4 KB)
Batch Treater(1.4 MB)
Batch Treater(406.3 KB)
Lab Treater(2.43 MB)
LP Series(410.72 KB)
LPH800(721.03 KB)
LPH800(655.99 KB)
LPH800 (1.01 MB)
LPV Drum Drive(3.17 MB)
LPV Portable (1.48 MB)
LPV Portable (418.09 KB)
LPV Portable (833.17 KB)
LPV Seed Treater(871.11 KB)
LPV Seed Treater(645.49 KB)
LPX Auto(1.13 MB)
LPX Manual(3.57 MB)
LPX Portable(1.68 MB)
LPX Portable(418.4 KB)
LPX Seed Treater(760.65 KB)
LPX V 2.2(1.19 MB)
LPX V2.10(3.57 MB)
LX (707.74 KB)
LX Series(432.55 KB)
LX Series(698.51 KB)
LX Series(671.07 KB)
MPX2500(644.15 KB)
MPX2500(1.07 MB)
MPX2500(879.13 KB)
MPX2500 Automated (454.79 KB)
MX series(708.03 KB)
ST Series(656.21 KB)

U-Treat Lite


LP2000 Atomizer(1.63 MB)
U Treat V4.1 V1(1.64 MB)
U Treat V4.2(1.77 MB)
U Treat V4.2 V1(1.77 MB)
U-Treat v3.0(2.07 MB)
U-Treat v3.2(2.68 MB)
U-Treat v3.4(3.16 MB)
V 3.0(2.62 MB)
V 3.2(2.68 MB)
V 3.4(3.16 MB)
V 3.5(3.13 MB)
V 3.6(10.93 MB)
V 3.7(3.01 MB)
V 4.0(5.38 MB)
V 4.1(5.52 MB)
V 4.2(5.63 MB)

Pump Stands

AT500H Dual (1.56 MB)
Bayer Semi Auto(2.35 MB)
Pump Stands(481.02 KB)
Pump Stands(403.14 KB)
Pump Stands(596.17 KB)
Solutionizer(2.81 MB)


Direct Drive(2.6 MB)
SS16 Conveyor(1.4 MB)
Truck Unload(417.33 KB)
Truck Unload(416.66 KB)
Tube Series 2500 (418.98 KB)
Tube Series 3500(418.96 KB)
Under Bin Conveyor(414.26 KB)
Under Bin Conveyor(414.62 KB)


Simple Bin Site(2.77 MB)
Simple Bin Site(599.41 KB)
Simple Bin Site(449.23 KB)
Tri Flo with Servo(480.02 KB)
Walking Leg(417.17 KB)
Walking Leg(1.26 MB)
Walking Leg(414.39 KB)

Bin Sites

LP V 4.0(1.66 MB)
LP V 4.01(1.66 MB)
LX v 4.0(2.1 MB)

Seed Wheel

Seed Wheel(51 KB)

Flow Meters

Flow Meter(47.81 KB)
LPX Mass (1.72 MB)
LPX Mass Rev B(1.42 MB)
LPX Volumetric(1.93 MB)
Mass(2.35 MB)
Mass Flow Meter(500.87 KB)
Volumetric(1.37 MB)


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