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USC's LPH series treater, with its simple design, allows for easy calibration of both seed and chemical flows. It arrives ready to operate with the stainless steel mix tank, pumping system, and control panel.

The Cornerstone of USC’s Treating

The LP800 has been upgraded to LPH800! With a recent facelift, and the best updated feature being the slide-out atomizer, the LPH800 boasts a simple design, easy calibration and total accuracy at an affordable price. The LP Series of treaters are the cornerstone of USC’s treating equipment, and the LPH has only made the line more appealing. This line provides top-of-the-line technology and guarantees precise chemical coverage run after run. User friendly, accurate and affordable best describe the LPH800 treater

  • 800 Bushels/hour based on soybeans
  • Electrically driven rotary atomizer for primary distribution of chemical and treatment
  • 6′ Rotary coating drum on LPH800
  • Proximity switches for automatic shutoff of pump and inlet conveyor
  • One man operation
  • 230V single phase electrical panels include all motor and conveyor controls
  • Easy slide-out atomizer
  • Variable output peristaltic chemical pump
  • 30 gal. stainless steel mix tank with agitation
  • 340 oz. calibration tube
  • Adjustable seed flow gate
  • Inlet & outlet conveyor controls
  • Conveyor controls handle maximum 5hp motor
  • Adjustable Height: 75″ to 104″
  • Width: 46″
  • Length: 121″
  • Drum: 6′
  • Atomizer: 13″
  • Weight: 1,800 lbs.